Friday, October 27, 2006



One of the last peppers from the garden.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

feed the hungry

Although many cities have people who are homeless, I believe that Detroit has a larger problem than most. There are so many people out of work because of cutbacks in the auto industry that it seems recovery will be a long difficult process. Seeing this woman made me thankful for my home and health despite the difficulties we have since my husband is out of work.

My daughter was horrified that I would take this picture. She thought I walked up to her and asked to take her picture without giving her money. The fact was that I was a passenger in a car and made this shot this as we drove past. I didn't even have a dollar in my wallet, so giving her money just wasn't possible. I was just fortunate that the person I was with treated me to lunch after we were interviewed on a radio show. The show is called "Ask the Doctor with Dr. Anderson" on WCHB. We were there to tell people about Tourette Syndrome and offer hope to families dealing with the disorder. Although no one called to ask us questions, I hope someone will be able to call or join us for a support group meeting. It's all about awareness and giving people hope when life seems impossible. The more people realize there is someone who's been there and is willing to help, the better they will be able to cope.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


I am so bored I could scream. I have no money to do anything which is ok since I have no one to do anything with. I did get to go take some pictures this morning since there was lots of fog. I was shocked that my husband actually volunteered to go with me. This pic is of my husband trying to help.

I can see that the leaves are all changing color and look so pretty so I don't want to miss an opportunity. When the kids were young we would go out to the cider mill to buy cider, donuts and of course take pictures. Nice memories! I love that they were always willing to pose for me. I just told my 17 year old daughter what I wanted to do and she said maybe she and her friend would take me to the cider mill. I am not going to believe for one second that they would rather take me to the cider mill instead of shopping at the mall. I think it's time to play some computer games.