Sunday, April 29, 2007

April 26, 2007

I went to Washington DC last week as part of a leadership training and “trip to the hill”. While we did get some site-seeing in, our primary goal was to visit with our Senators and Representatives regarding issues that affect people with Tourette Syndrome. Our first visit was to Senator Stabenow’s office in the Hart building. We made the appointment knowing that we have received support on the issues near and dear to our hearts from her in the past. As we waited for our appointment there was a group of people protesting the war in Iraq. They were dressed in pink slips and chanting “Impeach Bush” because of a promise by President Bush to veto a recent vote by the Senate to pull our troops out. Here is what Code Pink is all about. At one point we watched as a giant banner was dropped from one of the upper floors stating the reason for impeaching a president or vice president. As it dropped, the noise level reached a roar and the police began arresting the unlawful protestors. On the opposite side of the common area, another banner was dropped saying “your silence is your legacy”
The media was everywhere and tourists were taking pictures of the commotion. One of our group members has a son who recently returned from Iraq and she was taking pictures and video to take home to her son. Senate staffers could be seen looking out of their windows at the protest and arrests of the members of the demonstration. I have been going to DC to meet with our legislators for a few years now and there is always a protest going on in the area. As a child from the Vietnam era, I felt it was like take a step back in time.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

spring is finally here again

Sunday, April 08, 2007

we will survive

One last snow in Michigan. Unfortunately it came in April when the flowers are blooming and it's Easter.
I was actually excited because I knew I could get that classic shot of a spring flower peaking out of the snow, which I did.

Last year on this day we went to the playground to fly kites and be silly. Yes, a few of us were intoxicated, but the point is that it was warm and this year it isn't. So, the kids are playing video games against each other and I am typing this. Maybe it's time to get intoxicated.....naw, it's not fun to do it alone. I am bored.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


I was given this plant by my son. I almost lost it at one time so I repotted it and now it's doing much better. I love the fact that it blooms in pink and in orange! A bonus that makes it very photogenic!