Monday, May 15, 2006


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Working Out

At work we were given an opportunity to work out at a gym for free. All we had to do is refer people to this gym. It sounded like a sweet deal to me so I had to join along with one of my co-workers. That started in October of last year. I didn't lose much weight but I'm not overweight so that wasn't my goal. I just wanted to tone up and get rid of my belly. I have to say that I did get rid of some of it, but not like I had hoped. I still don't look fabulous in a bathing suit.

At first we were going 3 times a week in cold snowy weather and now we are lucky to get there once a week. Part of the reason for this is that we/I have been working too many hours. I am always willing to work extra hours so we can eat and buy gas. Some days I am just too tired to go to the gym. I rationalize that I had to run up the (18) stairs at work SO many times that I probably burned off those calories from the 10 chocolates I ate. Now I read on MSN that I should be doing my workout because I enjoy it not because I want to change my body shape, otherwise, I won't be able to stick to it. Hmm.... I was actually more motivated because of the cute young trainers that work at the gym. I'm sure it's their job to keep us old bitches motivated but it's not working any more. They don't look so cute when I am dragging my aching old ass out of there knowing I am going to hurt for the next few days. You may have noticed that I did not post a photo of myself working out. That's NOT going to happen.

I guess I will have to cut back on the chocolates, beer (and other assorted alcoholic beverages) and desserts. Hmm.... I'm not seeing that happening either.