Saturday, September 19, 2009

new neighbors

Recently the old lady that hated my children and never spoke to me passed away. I didn't know for a few weeks because obviously we were not friends and no one felt the need to tell me.
The reason she didn't speak to me is because she called the police every time my boys played too long in my driveway next to her house or a ball went into her yard. She couldn't understand why they didn't go down to the school at the end of the street to play. I felt I was being a responsible mom by having them play supervised. I tried writing her letters and explaining why I didn't want them unsupervised and even tried talking to her. They didn't play late or break any windows but I guess she couldn't handle the noise. She seemed to be one of those people who could not see the other side of the story no matter how it was explained. I just gave up and did my best to explain to the officers that we did not intend to ruin her life, they were merely being boys and playing games that boys played.
The boys grew up and moved away but she still looked the other way when I walked past her. It was kind of sad that we lived next door for 30 years but only spoke for about 5.

After her daughters took possession of the home it was sold quickly to someone who lives in the neighborhood. The first thing he did was gut the place and remodel each room and the yard. He, his pregnant wife and daughter were going to move in. Unfortunately for him, the wife did not intend to move so he had to rent the house out. They say "what goes around comes around" but I never felt that I would end up the irritated old lady next door. You see, he rented the house to a couple of young ladies who happen to be strippers. I have no problem with this, but I do have a problem with the parties they have at any time during the week. So far I have not called the police but I am thinking about adding the station to my speed dial. The last party included a drunk young lady walking around the front of the house with a young man who must have deserved to have a glass thrown across the street at him as he hid behind my tree. I found the glass in the morning, thankfully before anyone parked there. While he was there he took the opportunity to pee on my tree as I stood in the kitchen watching in the dark. They went in before I had a chance to fumble in the dark for the phone number because calling 911 didn't seem necessary. I watched as the landlord and his friend walk to his car down the street and leave. It was again quiet and I could go back to bed. Fortunately, it was the weekend and I could sleep in. We did get up before them and returned the glass they left on the street in front of my house by tossing it on their brand new driveway. I am sure they appreciated having to clean it up as much as I did.